Street Light Pole

  • Supply of LED Light BIS Aproved Post top lantern made of die cast aluminium base, spum aluminium top and PMMA cover & reflector. 45W (With Philips/Fulham Drivers 10KVA SPD. street light pole manufacturers, committed to offering a large variety of street lighting poles. We manufacture different types of poles, such as Octagonal Pole, MS Street Light Pole, and GI Street Light Poles.These poles range from three meters. However, different sizes and diameters are available to meet any size requirements, .

according to your specifications and design requirements They can be used for various purposes, such as power distribution, outdoor illumination, solar, surveillance and smart pole application. They are perfect for lighting streets, road junctions, car parking, factory area, railway yard, stadium, and so on.

Quality of Street Light Poles

The street light poles manufactured by us are maintenance free, strong, rugged, corrosion-free, long-lasting, and easy to install. Plus, they are admired for their prominent quality, longer functional life and ability to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions. In fact, they can tolerate wind speeds up to 300 km/hour or more.

Features of Street Light Poles:

Maintenance free and easy installation.

Better known for atmospheric conditions.

Hot dipped galvanized, round shape steel shape.

Elegant, impressive, sleek, and aesthetic.

Low landing costs, lightweight and high strength.

Can be tailored based on requirements of bulk quantity.

Perfect for corrosive atmosphere due to hot dip galvanizing