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  • RPS enterprises supplier of all type pole high mast led lights national flag led display screen bord trader & manufacturers. Supply of 16 mtr high mast pole hot dip galvanized top dia:- 150mm ,bottom dia:- 360mm thickness:- 4,3mm base plate:- 540x540x20mm f.Bolts 8 nos ,24x850mm trailing cable included - 8 light ring lantern carriage , head frame, pulley, gi wire chain,d-clamp,arrester rod, wire connector, templates(pcd445).Quotation for supply, erection, testing & commissioning of 30 meter height high mast pole with 12 nos 300 watt light. we are sending quotation for supply, erection, testing & commissioning of make 30 meter height high mast pole with 12 nos. . 300 Watt light fittings.)Supply of 30 Meter height High Mast Pole suitable for up to 12 nos. luminaries for wind speed up to 180 kmph including head frame, pulley assay, wrench bracket, double lantern carriage ring,

Compensating disc, Luminaries mounting arms, Resting bracket guide ring, Lightening arrester, wire rope, safety wire rope, D Suckle clamp , trailing cable, Double drum wrench assembly, Foundation bolt and templates and hard ware etc as required

Our Team

As a result of our highly trained and productive team of specialists, satisfying the ever-increasing requirements of clients has never been an issue. All of our employees have considerable industry knowledge, which they put to great use in coming up with new and inventive ideas. Furthermore, our team concentrates on the following:

They keep a continuous assembly line running to accommodate market needs as quickly as possible.

They inspect each batch of products to verify that they comply with the most stringent quality standards.

They believe in working as a team and completing all the tasks in the company with professionalism.

They ensure that every order placed by a customer is executed well on time.


We have a finely designed infrastructure that enables us to satisfy the rising demands of clients. Our infrastructure is constructed with the most modern architectural style and spans a wide area of land.The facility has been separated into many sections, including a well-equipped manufacturing plant, a quality control section, as well as a spacious storage facility. With the use of all our integrated departments, we are able to produce a high-quality product range that includes 20 Meter Stadium High Mast Pole, Aluminum Light Pole, 9 Meter GI Octagonal Light Pole, 30 Meter Flag High Mast Pole, 20 Meter High Mast Sign Board Pole and many others. Overall, our infrastructure enables us to fulfill the growing demands of customers.

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    Best Quality

    We are a Wholesaler, Manufacture of
    Street Light Pole, High Mast Pole, Stadium Pole & MS Tubular Pole. - in content Best Quality

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    24/7 Customer support

    Great support is providing to our valuable customers 24/7hr. We beleave in good relationship.

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    Easy to Installation

    The installation process is easy.Please
    give a call on this number +91 - 9953801207. We install the system in short span.

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    Our poles are build with heigh quality of materials. It's more durable and powerful poles.