High Mast Light Pole

  • 12.5 Mtr Flag Pole HSN Code: 73089070 Product Code: KEFM12.5 12.5 Mtr. Painted HDG Flag Mast Pole Section-2, Thick-3-3mm, Bottom Dia-360mm, Top Dia-150mm , Base Plate-540*540*16mm, Foundation Bolts (6Nos, 24*850mm) Including- Head Frame, Pulley, SS Wire Rope, Winch, Chain,Templates Motor-1HP. Note:- White Paint Included,Aviation Light ,Gumbad MS PU Painte. Our High Mast Lighting Pole are superior quality and durable lighting poles from our trusted experts.

We are engaged in providing a great deal of shadow illumination to the city’s parks, streets, large parking lots, and squares. Our lighting systems contribute to the modernization and development of towns and cities. We provide a high-tech solution that emphasizes aesthetics reflected in their designs. Our lights are considerably preferred to illuminate large areas uniformly.

Specializing in delivering premium products, we use high-grade metals from trusted sources. Inside our ultramodern in-house design facilities we have PLS/Special Software, CNC monitoring, and many more high-tech machinery. Our adroit professionals utilize all the facilities with their expertise and structure the world-class poles purposed to provide adequate lighting in massive fields. Because they produced light extensively there is no downside place where need to use other mast light.

Key Benefits High Mast Lighting poles:

Minimize shadows on the ground

Allow large area illumination with fewer poles

Wide pole space improves visibility and reduces visual clutter

Less physical obstacles allow efficient use of space for drivers

The thermal convection systems dissipate heat and energy waste

Specific winch mount features a locking mechanism easy to install, remove or replace

Effective in an outdoor environment designed with aerodynamic geometry to withstand abundant elements like airflow, heat