Flag High Mast Pole

  • Supply Of National Flag 16x12 Feet 180GSM. Flag High Mast Pole manufacturers offering sturdy and durable structures. Flags are hoisted at several places in our country on different occasions. It is considered one of the most auspicious events, as a country's flag is its pride. That is why we need strong structures to easily hold the flag without letting it fall. By utilizing our years of experience, we are able to manufacture optimum-quality flag high mast poles for several places.

The demand for flag high mast poles comes from various places, including offices, schools, government institutes, airports, defense stations, special monuments, and many other sites. At Shri Balaji Enterprises, we are able to produce flag high mast poles for all these places and are successfully delivering them in PAN India. With our team of engineers and design experts, we are manufacturing flag high mast pole that offers excellent performance. Being one of India's best flag high mast pole manufacturers, we use high-grade hot dip galvanized and iron. We have comprehensive and highly advanced technology to produce long-lasting flag-hoisting structures.

We design flag high mast poles so they do not get impacted by heavy wind or extreme weather conditions. They come with multiple polygonal segments to hold the flag properly. They are also available in different shapes, including conical, octagonal, and cylindrical. We are known for supplying flag high mast poles of different heights, sizes, and weights. We also offer customized services for providing flag hoisting structures of varied heights for schools, colleges, and companies. The standard height available at Shri Balaji Enterprises is 30 meters and 30.5 meters.

Features of Flag High Mast Pole:

Manufactured using hot dip galvanized.

Available in both standard and customized heights, shapes, and sizes.

Lightweight flag high mast pole that is easy to install.

Sturdy structures with accurate dimensions and smooth finishing.

ISO-certified flag high mast pole with excellent durability.

Offers exceptional performance.

Suitable for flag hoisting at several locations, including high-altitude places.

Resistant to extreme weather, heavy wind, and corrosion.