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Top 5 Solar Street Light Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Solar energy is helping us light up our world in the form of solar street lights by transforming sunlight into electricity. India, being the third highest producer of solar power, is utilizing this energy in different ways, and solar street light is one of them. The placement of solar street lights is helping save high amount of electricity consumed every day. We at RPS Enterprises are contributing towards it by manufacturing impeccable quality solar street lights in India. The quality and efficiency of our solar street lights have made us a leading solar street light manufacturer and supplier. Our experience and innovative solutions are helping us offer the best street light solutions.

What makes us the best solar street light manufacturer and supplier?

We have been in this business segment for a long time and fabricate solar street lights by utilizing the best components. We are working with professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the solar system required for the installation and working of solar street lights. Right from the integration of high-efficiency solar panels to installing exceptional quality rechargeable batteries with high-capacity storage, we at RPS Enterprises are offering the best to our customers. We are an ISO-certified Solar Street Light manufacturer and supplier, adhering to all the quality standards when manufacturing these lights. We strictly comply with the regulatory guidelines to ensure that all our solar street lights are suitable for Indian streets.

Features of our Solar Street Lights

The compelling features of our solar street lights make them stand out among the other solar street lights in the market. It is one of the reasons why we are leading among the top 5 solar street light manufacturers and suppliers in India. Some of its features are:

  • Our solar street lights are integrated with large size solar panels and they are easy to adjust according to the sunlight’s direction.
  • We have equipped long lasting batteries in these solar street lights that are capable of offering the adequate lighting during night hours and on rainy days when there is low sunlight.
  • We use premium quality LED lights that work well under different environmental conditions. These LED lights offer proper brightness and are known for their long lasting durability.
  • At RPS Enterprises, we are designing and fabricating cost-effective solar street lights which require low to zero maintenance. We have installed them on corrosion resistant fixtures that withstand harsh weather conditions like rainfall and storm without affecting the direction of solar panels or solar street lights.
  • All the solar street light components match the ISI standards and are known for their durability. We also offer a warranty on the rechargeable battery of these lights.
  • The size of the solar street light pole and solar street lights vary to meet the street light requirement at different places.

We are the bulk solar street light manufacturer and supplier in India and are capable of meeting these requirements with ease. We are helping reduce carbon footprint by producing street lights that run on solar power. Our small initiative is helping us create a better environment for all by reducing the consumption of fuels for generating electricity. One can connect with RPS Enterprises to get the best quality solar street lights at cost-friendly prices.